On Paying For Adsense Arbitrage Blogging Mentorship, Buying Of Courses And Learning For Free On YouTube

On Paying For Adsense Arbitrage Blogging Mentorship, Buying Of Courses And Learning For Free On YouTube

Last month I was at the bank to make some withdrawals and a man in his 40s walked up to me. He had obviously been watching me while I waited for the cashiers to settle me.

“Hello bro. Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?”

“OK, if it’s something I can answer,” I replied.

“All right. What do you do for a living?”

I smiled.

“I’m a blogger, sir. I blog primarily but also design websites for a living. I also serve as a minister in our local church.” I answered.

“Really? That explains all these dollars you just withdrew.”

“Yes sir,” I said again smiling.

“Can you teach me? I mean can you teach me blogging? I want to be making some dollars like you do.”

“OK… well, you can always learn from YouTube. You have YouTube on your phone, right? You can learn from there.”

“My brother, leave all these things. I am a teacher by profession and know that to succeed at anything, you need a mentor. Someone you can ask questions, someone you can show your challenges and he’ll quickly give you solutions to fix them without hassles. Someone who’d be there for you. You can’t get that learning for free on YouTube. And I don’t mind paying for it”

I must confess, I was stunned by his responses.

Nigerians generally don’t like paying for any knowledge that would cost them money, no matter the benefits. Unless within the four walls of a school.

But this man’s responses shocked me.

You know out there, some people actually believe they can learn everything they want for free on YouTube. They believe you don’t need to pay for anyone to privately mentor you nor do you need to buy any course by an expert in a field.


They may put one or two, or even the beginning out there. But don’t ever think that whatever you learn for free on YouTube is ALL there is to know about that topic. Don’t ever make that mistake.

For instance, no matter how intoxicated I am with passion, I can NEVER put out ALL of my traffic arbitrage secrets on YouTube for FREE. Am I mad? Something I paid hundreds of thousands to millions to learn? Make people go abuse am for me? I’d be the biggest fool on earth to do that.

There are information I can ONLY reveal to those learning under my watch. They no born them well make them talk am anyhow outside. That’s why I hardly ever agree to mentor anyone privately unless I have checked out your kind of a person well. Me wey still dey learn sef naim you want comot food from him mouth?🙄

When a mentor is truly passionate about seeing a lot of people replicate his success in any field, the best he can do is package those knowledge he has gathered into courses. And to ensure that those information don’t get abused, he’ll set a price tag on them. This is to ensure that only serious people who will not lose guard over their lips takes those courses.

That’s why you get to pay the money you pay for courses and private mentorships.

But above all, you get to pay for the mentor’s full time commitment to you. Nothing beats having the oversight of an experienced person in whatever field you are embarking on. Just a 30-minute phone call can solve several of the challenges you may have been battling with for a very long time.

So when next you see an expert talk about his private mentorship program or courses and the urge to say “something you can learn for free on YouTube” comes upon you, simply navigate to YouTube and learn them and show us the results later or shut your lips forever.

Most times, people who talk so carelessly never truly become an expert in anything. That’s because all they know is the basic information available to everyone on YouTube. Because they never ever want to pay for anything substantial.

If you have been in our Private Mentorship group on WhatsApp, you will know that I don’t just talk. I walk my talk. Man knows his onions like they are oranges and delivers value every single time.

That’s how solid I am because I paid and learnt from the best in this industry.

It’s never too late to be a part of what we’re doing now. Visit the Trispark Academy website and make it your learning place.

You’ll be glad for life that you did. I am one man who is very passionate about your growth as a young blogger. Follow me on all social platforms and invite your friends to do the same.

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