How Google Reviews Your Blog And Decides Whether To Suspend, Ban or Place Ad Serving Limit On Your Adsense Or ADX Account During Arbtrage

The second week of every new month is usually the scariest days for traffic arbitrage bloggers a.k.a Adsense Arbitrage Bloggers. I mean from the 7th to the 14th of the month.

Next to that is the last 3 days before payment. Chai! The panic attacks everytime you get an email nobi here o, no matter how pure your traffic quality is 🤣

If you have a blogger friend who is overtly sensitive within this period, kindly understand and bear with his nuances or give him some small space. On the 21st day of the month, once the payment drops, you go see his real face full of smiles 🤣

So how does Google decide who’s account gets limited, suspended, or banned within this period? I will tell you. So you can learn from this and help your blog last longer too.

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Now, let’s get started.

There are about 4 or 5 things Google checks your blog for before paying you on the 21st – Invalid Traffic, Duplicate Content, Multi-Clicking or Fraudulent Clicks, Content Served On an Empty Screen or Site Under Construction, Deceptive Navigation and lastly Deceptive Verification Details.

If your blog passes ALL 4 or 5 checks, you’ll definitely get paid. Now let me tell you the uncommon truths about these things that many of you don’t know and how to prevent them.


Another name for invalid traffic is suspicious traffic.

Unlike what most people think, invalid traffic is NOT always traffic coming from questionable sources and methods. Even though those are a part of it but it is much more than that.

Invalid Traffic is judged by Google as any sudden rise in your traffic volume that was not there in the past 30 days and also did not consistently stay for the next 30 days.

Do you get it?

It is even more serious if the “suspicious” traffic generated a very significant amount of money and then stopped abruptly.

Another common cause of your account getting flagged for invalid traffic is Bot Activities.

Yes, it’s true that there is no traffic source in this world without some sort of bot traffic. But when this becomes too much on your site, it causes Google to axe your site for invalid traffic. So put up measures to prevent this.

Next thing you should take very seriously is…


If your site passes the invalid traffic check, the next check Google will pass your site through is Duplicate Content/Copied Contents.

You may not have noticed, but most of the guys who sell websites and Adsense accounts do so with copied content. Only a few sensible ones sell these sites with originally written content.

If you’re buying a site with articles, make it very clear to your dealer that you only want sites with original content or delete everything you meet on the site and post yours.

Again, if you’re not sure how the articles were written, delete everything there and write yours afresh. You’re safer that way!

If the majority of your Content passes the plagiarism check, the next thing Google will check is …


If you’re fond of changing your website theme or design every now and then, you are most likely to get hit by this.

Also, if your site has less than 30 articles, you are an applicant for this check too.🤭

Go and write more articles on your site. Increase the volume of Content you have to as much as possible. Ensure also that the last published post on your site was not done in the of our ancestors. Keep your site homepage fresh by publishing newer articles regularly.


If you falsified the ID Card and Tax Details you used in fully verifying your Adsense account, get ready for the account closure soon. Even if it was an expert editor that edited them – especially when it has to do with USA/UK Adsense accounts.

It’s always better to use the identities of real humans over there to do it. So reach out to your friends over there for help instead of using an edited ID.

If you’re also fond of using terms that mask an interlink on your site as clickbait, Google may also have an issue with your site soon. Let people know that those interlinks are simply what they are before your account gets banned for Deceptive Navigation.

If your site passes ALL these checks, there’s one more remaining and it’s called…


This is one of the last and Chief checks of all of them.

If you’re getting more than 3 clicks from a particular IP address in a space of 24 hours, you are opening up the site for a ban. Even if the clicks are coming from Tier 1 countries.

Do ALL you can to avoid repeated clicks from the same IP locations within a 24-hour window. Install a Click Fraud Protection plugin on your site and properly set it up to prevent this.

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