My Advice To Anyone Looking To Start Adsense Or ADX Arbitrage Blogging By Prince Gabriel Okocha

My Advice To Anyone Looking To Start Adsense Or ADX Arbitrage Blogging By Prince Gabriel Okocha

I charge nearly half a million Naira to accept to mentor anyone in blogging. And if you are coming from outside of Africa, you will actually pay above that in dollars based on the current Dollar-to-Naira exchange rate.

Having trained over 110 persons alone this year and seen a whole majority of them successful, here’s what I can TRUTHFULLY tell anyone interested in venturing into blogging today.

Number 1: Blogging is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Truth be told if you diligently implement the things I teach in my private mentorship program, you can make up to $5K and more in your first, second, or third month. But then, there are factors that determine this. For instance the strength of your Adsense account, the payment history, organic traffic, and everything.

You can’t just come up with a recently verified Adsense account and expect to safely achieve those big numbers. While it is true that you can put any amount you want in there, Google may end up closing the account or deducting almost everything from it. You have to gradually take the account from $0 to $500, from $500 to $1K and above. Slow and steady.

Number 2: Implementation is the main KEY🔑 to your success.

I can teach you all that you need to know and do to start earning $1K, $5K, $10K, and above from your blog on a monthly basis. But KNOWING THAT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH. You must DO them to actually see the results.

Some of you just think that if you can just get me to teach you alone you will be fine for life. That is partly true, but not totally true. This is because if I teach you everything but you are not implementing it for reasons best known to you, you won’t see the results that others are currently seeing now.

Number 3: You need a community of like-minded individuals to constantly put you in remembrance of the things you have learnt, the ones you don’t know, and how to implement them.

This is the main reason we add you to a community of bloggers who are under the Prince Gabriel Okocha private mentorship program on Adsense arbitrage blogging after you are done with the whole training.

The goal is to help you stay motivated, help you reach out whenever you are stuck and get help, and ensure that you are never alone in your blogging journey. You will have brothers and sisters from different countries whose impactful opinions will be of great help to you whenever you need it.

You may think you have known everything there is to know about blogging until you encounter an unexpected challenge. This is where the help of others can come in very handy.

Number 4: It’s not going to be a rollercoaster ride.

Like every business you set out to do, blogging has its own challenges. For instance adlimit from Google, suspension, loss of traffic from search engines due to frequent algorithm updates, and the greatest of them – ban!

These are the major challenges in Blogging. Know this before stepping into it.

Number 5: Blogging can pay you for life and give you the financial freedom you need, faster than anything else.

Talk about earning $1K, $5K, $10K, $20K, and beyond in a month. The opportunities that come with blogging, especially Adsense arbitrage blogging which I teach, are limitless.

I have risen and have seen many of my students rise from ashes to gold through Adsense arbitrage blogging. Gradually they worked their way up from $0 to several thousand per month.

However, I had to start with the challenges, requirements, and everything, so you will know the whole truth about this powerful skill and what you’d be getting into when you decide to take it up.

Above all else, Adsense Arbitrage Blogging IS the FUTURE of blogging!

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