How To Build Simple Digital Assets That Will Pay You Several Thousands Of Dollars For Life

How To Build Simple Digital Assets That Will Pay You Several Thousands Of Dollars For Life

I am writing this post for that fellow who has never made up to $5K online in a single month over here in Nigeria or any other part of Africa. This is an opportunity for you to learn something that will transform everything about your financial life today.

If this describes you, I’m going to ask you to do two things for me as soon as you see this post.

First, resist the urge to skip any part of this post. Opportunities like this may not always come your way. So take a few minutes of your time to read, digest, and implement the things I’m going to be teaching you in this post. Even if you don’t earn as high as $10K using the methods explained here, I guarantee you in all sincerity that you can earn at least between $1K to $5K monthly if you do them. And the best part is these can become an endless stream of income for you for life.

The second thing you are going to do for me is that you are going to SHARE this post. There are people like you out there who will find information like this a blessing and an answered prayer to escape poverty forever. Join me in taking this to them by sharing the post with them. I’d like this to have at least 100 shares today, and together we can make that happen.

Now that we’ve said all of that, let’s begin immediately.

Number 1: Create A Website Or Mobile App That Offer Any Of The Following Paid Services

There’s this belief by average-minded people that Nigerians do not buy or subscribe to services online. Nothing can be further from the truth!

If you take a record of the amounts of money Nigerians spend online per year or even a month, the figures will shock you. Go and check the transaction records of online service providers like Uber, Bolt, Flight Booking Websites etc.

As long as you are very good at PR and can deliver top-quality services within a good time frame, the Nigerian people and those from other countries will not hesitate to pay you on a daily basis.

If you don’t know how to create a service-based mobile app or website, get a website or mobile app developer to do it for you.

There are two ways to make money insane money from such:

i. Through direct payment from your site visitors or users and

ii. Through Google Adsense or Admob Programs.

The first guarantees you direct payment from those patronizing your services while the second guarantees you direct payment from Google every 21st day of the month. With both of them combined, you can be making $1K to $10K every month right from inside your bedroom.

You can build a website or mobile app that offers people simple services like:

i. Dollar to Naira Instant Exchange

ii. Academic Project Research and Writing Aid Services

iii. Online Direct Coaching For International Exams

iv. Cheapest Bus Fares And Bookings

v. Restaurant, Gym and Spa Finding

vi. Cheapest Flight Bookings,

vii. Online House Agency (to help people find the kind of house they desire to live in, anywhere in the country without going around with agents),

viii. PayPal funds and Gift cards exchange

ix. Online Advertising Setup

x. Sports Predictions and Match Reviews

xi. AI Drawings For Illustration Purposes

xii. Photos and Short-Minute Video Editing etc.

Number 2: Buy A Monetized YouTube Channel And Start Automation Plus YouTube Adsense Arbitrage

This is especially for those who are camera-shy. You can buy an already monetized YouTube Channel and use it for YouTube Adsense Arbitrage. You can join our YouTube Arbitrage class coming up this month for full details on how to do Adsense Arbitrage with a YouTube Channel. In the meantime, let’s continue.

Niches you can go for when it comes to running a YouTube Channel include Gaming, Football Highlights and Commentary, Travel And Destination Reviews, International Jobs and Scholarships, Tech Trends, Celebrity Gists, School Reviews etc.

When you start doing Arbitrage with this YouTube channel, which is basically sending traffic and clicks from different sources and using different methods, Google can pay you any amount per month. I’m talking about from $100 to above $10,000.

Number 3: Create Paid Membership Groups For Private Training Or Mentorship

If you are extremely good at anything that brings in money, people will pay you any amount to have you privately teach them that. For instance, my private mentorship program on Adsense Arbitrage Blogging costs N400K. I know those who charge higher and also less than that. You may not charge that high or low, just charge what you believe the value you are offering is worth.

You can start a paid membership group on mini importation, drop shipping, YouTube Channel creation and monetization, product advertising on social media, content writing, dog behaviour training, dance training, fitness, and weightloss training etc.

You can spend some time learning and mastering these skills if you don’t already have them.

Remember, the target is to earn from $1K upwards per month. Charge your worth!

Number 4: Create An Online Store For Selling High Ticket Courses

Yes, you can also sell low-ticket courses of N1K to N5K there and still make your cool money every month. But high-ticket courses offer you so much more.

These courses can be financial management, personal development, songwriting and music production, short and long video editing, content creation and monetization, etc.

Number 5: Sell Monetized Blogs, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages and Twitter Handles

There’s always a market for this especially over here in Nigeria. I can’t tell you how many millions of Naira I and my students have spent buying several blogs from my dealers this year alone. If I’m not mistaken, it is close to or above N50M.

Now imagine how much profit those sellers must have made from such deals. I mean without owning a single physical shop where they pay rent to sell these things.

Don’t say it’s not possible. What you don’t know is bigger than you. People are pulling big numbers from this every month.

Blogs monetized with Adsense and ADX are always hotcakes to bloggers. Don’t snooze on them. The same goes for Monetized YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages, and Twitter Handles. Again, don’t snooze on these.

Number 5: Start Adsense Arbitrage Blogging

This is the Oga kpata kpata of them all.

If you learn and master this very well, there’s literally no amount of money you cannot target and earn, provided you have a good Adsense account and a blog getting good organic traffic.

I am yet to see any business in this country right now that gives as much money as arbitrage blogging. Imagine being able to consistently earn from $1K up per month and have Google send it to your bank account right here in Nigeria or any other place you are in the world.

To learn this particular one very well, you can browse the Trispark Academy website and sign up for the full training there. Hundreds of people have already done so this year. Go and join them.

Let me stop here for now. I hope you find value in reading this post

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