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On Making Money Through Blogging – Prince Gabriel Okocha

On making money through blogging, let me start your new month with this…
A few days ago, the ADX company I was working with on one of my blogs reached out to me and said “Your blog is about to get delisted for having third-party ads.”
“Third-party ads? I don’t have any third-party ads on that site, only Google ads.” I argued.
In their response, they quickly sent me a screenshot showing an ‘Install Software Pop Under’ ad and said it was from my site.
I took a good look at the photo, rushed over to my site and tried to see if I could find something like that. I couldn’t.
“This is not from my blog. I can’t find anything like that on my blog” I responded.
Then they sent me a script causing the pop-under ads on my site which they must have gotten by switching my site to developer mode.
I again went back to my site but couldn’t find it. I even had to edit my theme and use the CTRL + F button but still didn’t see it.
Now this is a blog I recently bought and started pushing some heavy traffic to. I bought it primarily for arbitrage blogging purposes and didn’t waste any time getting started with it.
Knowing how Google is big on ‘Third-Party Ads’ and having seen some Adsense and Admanager Accounts closed as a result of it, I had to reach back to the company seeking solutions.
“Delete this post and this one too,” They said.
I did. But after a while, they got back to me again saying the third-party ads are still popping up. Apparently, the previous owner of the site had partnered with some of these pop-under companies whose ads often look like malware on the site.
They must have given him a script which he inserted somehow into his site and blog posts but was mainly visible to certain users and devices. Perhaps due to their location too. Remember I had just bought this blog and didn’t make any changes to it before I started using it.
I thought to myself if an ADX company can delist you for having third-party ads on your site, imagine what Google will do.
So I had to take the bull by the horns – paused all of my traffic arbitrage ads and deleted all of the over 700 posts on the site.
It wasn’t an easy decision but it worked!
I got my writers to hurriedly write and post fresh content on the site. Over 30 in 24 hours. Since we were already pushing traffic and making money with the site, failure to do so would have led to three more problems – Empty Screen, Low-Value Content and Site Under Construction. These three are another set of reasons Google may close your Adsense or Admanager Account at any time.
So here’s the lesson, while you hope to make money from your blog by integrating Adsense or ADX ads on your site with other Ad networks, avoid using any Ad Network with disruptive pop-under or pop-up ads. Especially those whose ads will open up multiple tabs on the users’ devices in less than 1 minute.
The worst part is these pop-under or pop-up ads often lead to p*rn, gambling, malicious software downloads and other forms of usel*ss sites which are a no-no for Adsense.
If you’re buying a new site (especially in the entertainment, celebrity and gist niches) do not only check it for Copied Content, Clicks Recording Issues and so on. Also, check it for third-party ads. Make you no go labour in vain. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o.
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